Volcano Revisited -

Tero Kaski - Pekka Vuorinen



'Reggae Inna Dancehall Style' published in 1983, by Black Star - Tero Kaski's company in Finland was a major success featuring Tero and Pekka interviewing all the talent that was then around the biggest and best sound system on the island of Jamaica, Volcano. Junjo Lawes's sound system. The book totally captured the great vibes that sound was putting out then. It also featured colour photos of all the people involved with the sound.

It celebrated the dance hall era in the best possible way - it cost Tero a lot of money to print up the book, but he just wanted to put something out that captured the great vibes that was coming from Jamaica then. The book sold very well and continued to do right up until the day Tero died in January 2001.

By then the times had changed again, reggae music had started to go into decline and its been like that since. Yet the seeds that Tero had sown regarding publishing books about reggae music written by reggae fans took root. Muzik Tree came forward again. And in Finland the Black Star massive with Pekka and Pekka from Soul Jazz Salsa have gone forward again with this Volcano Revisted. A big expansion of the first book up to 200 pages. Full colour with info on a lot more artists. Including people like Reggae George, Devon Russell, Jackie Mittoo and Roy Cousins. Its a fantastic book, and one that any fan of reggae music would want to have in there collection. Worth every penny or euro!