Various Artists - She Boom She Boom African -American Influences on Reggae 1963-73 - Westside

The soul to reggae conversion process as been with reggae from time. It's so much part of the music that songs that have long been thought of as reggae songs were in fact written by Soul or R&B artists. These three CD's from Westside are a very respectful tribute to this. Favourites on this CD come from Toots & The Maytals 'Louie Louie' , Jackie Edwards & Julian - 'In Paradise' and Joya Landis 'Kansas City'. Great sleevenotes as well.

Various Artists - The Music Got Soul -The Soul Of Young Jamaica - 1968-71 - Westside

More education from the Westside School Of Reggae Musical Studies. It's great to have 'The Stage' in my collection, a long time ago, far far far away in the land of the Hotspurs. I was entertained one afternoon by cut after cut of this tune, A true classic. Then you have another cut of 'How Long' - 'The Dark End Of The Street' from Pat Kelly. Plus the amazing Busty Brown cut of 'Aware Of Love' Whatever happened to Busty Brown?

Various Artists - The Music Got Mo'Soul! - Mo Soul Of Young Jamaica - 1970-1974 - Westside

Well there's more Busty Brown on this CD, which can only be a good thing. The great 'Love You Madly' and 'Ice Cream Man'. You also get the late great Nicky Thomas - perhaps one Of the most soulful singers in reggae music of any era. 'Lonely Feeling' is just fantastic. Delroy Wilson comes in with the the great 'Who Cares' - that song sounds like it was wrote for him. While the best track on this set must be 'Brand New Me' From Tinga Stewart - is there a piano cut of this anywhere its' just so beautiful.