Aaron Silk

Brother to Brother When Garnett was taken from us in 1994, his little brother Aaron, had just began his singing career. He had only recorded an handful of singles, which were inspired vocally and lyrically by his brother Garnett. There was no way of knowing if this was the beginning of something or the end. Five years after the tragic event that killed his brother and his mother, Aaron picks up where his where his brother left off with this superb debut album 'Bless I Oh Jah'. Produced by himself and Mikey Chung, with excutive production coming from Keith Simmons. Musicians on the album include Sly & Robbie, The Firehouse Crew and of course Mikey Chung.While recording was done at Mixing Lab, & Big Ship, with voicing at 321Studios. Released on the Culture Shock label in Jamaica and Australia.