Abyssinians - Forward On To Zion - Different - 1976

One of the worse effects of the collapse of the Tropical Sound Tracs label in the UK was the delayed release of this album. This was the Abyssinians debut album. After the massive success of The Mighty Diamonds, they would have been next in line to breakthrough. Instead - Bernard Collins, Donald and Linford Manning had to be content with the knowlegde that they had created a classic album. Included here are great recuts of 'Satta' 'Declaration Of Rights' and 'Yim Mas Gan', all produced by Clive Hunt.

Abyssinians - Arise - Front Line - 1978

The immediate impression after listening to 'Arise', is where have all those slow arrangements which were so powerful on there last album 'Forward On To Zion', gone. For this album is at a different pace, the rhythms are more forceful, they take more of a lead in the total sound of the Abyssinians. Once this adjustment had been made, the lyrics begin to penetrate, and what lyrics. There still the_same, perhaps a little less cultural, more social/political. An album to guide you towards a better understanding›

Bernard Collins & The Abyssinians - Last Days -Tabou 1 - CD.

The Abyssinians have never been able to equal that great work ' Forward On To Zion' . This initially seems promising, but it quickly turns into another 'Arise'. Which isn't a bad album, but which did take people by surprise when Virgin released it back in 1978. The few remaining vocal groups/bands left in reggae music seem to be culturally based - Culture, and Morgan's Hertiage for instance, this would seem to be natural direction for The Abyssinians. In fact back to their roots.

The Abyssinians - Satta Dub - Tabou 1- CD. Yet another great release on Tabou 1. With so many great dubs scattered over a number of singles from the group, it really makes a lot of sense to put them altogether to form this great work. 'Satta' and 'Declaration Of Rights' were massive hits for the group that also generated a incredible amount of versions. Now in one go you can them all (I think!). You also have dub cuts to a number of other tunes, including dub mixes of tracks from the 'Forward On To Zion' and 'Arise' albums.