Addis Pablo - For The Love Of Jah - One Motion Music

The various directions that reggae music as gone in recent years have not found much favour with many reggae fans. So the attention always keep going back to the past. What is needed was a way to connect the past to the future. Enter Addis Pablo. The son of the great Augustus Pablo. Augustus died in 1999. And although the sound of the melodica is still around - it didn't have a champion.

Addis embraces his Father's love of the humble instrument to the fullness. And adds interesting little touches to it here - which is also his debut set. A various artists set of 14 tracks. Its also a new style of one riddim album.

The first seven tracks feature the likes of Norris Man, and Ginjah. While others like Jah Bami and Khari Kill are new and hail from Trinidad and Tabogo.

The remaning seven track are dub work outs from Addis and show his great skills on the melodica and keyboards. An essential set. And one that his father would be proud of.