Admiral Bailey

Admiral Bailey - Kill Them With It - Live & Love - 1987.

With Admiral Bailey, Josey Wales/Charlie Chaplin style seem to be his greatest influemces. In fact there is no doubt of this. Sleevenotes by Jah Rich on this album, produced by King Jammy confirm it. Like other great DJ's the good Admiral knows its acceptable to take in reggae music, providing you give something, and in this case we are talking about style rather than lyrics. What makes the Admiral interesting it his ability to hesitate and exclaim as if he was telling us a scandalous story.

Admiral Bailey - Born Champion - Live And Love.

More information on the man, it now seems that Ranking Joe was his main inspiration. Which makes sense, because he does like to crack along at a faster pace than Josey Wales would normally set speed at. This LP is a much better album than his first for Jammys. The lyrics are a lot better, and so is the delivery. The first album was memorable for certain tracks. This LP just gets better and better with every track. Included is the big hit 'Jump Up' which was simple but very effective, Plus the great 'Winey Winey'.