Al Campbell - Bad Boy - CSA - 1984

This man as been making music now for a long time, although it's only recently that he seems to have gained wider popularity. And that is hard to explain. It could be that Johnny Osbourne and Tony Tuff are now giving more exposure to a style of singing and songwriting that as always been regarded as Al's forte, a simple song sung well over a hard rhythm. Having said that he can write more complex songs just like Johnny & Tony. And on this album he shows us this. Produced by Clive Jarrett & Beswick Phillips.

Al Campbell - Forward Natty - Move

The first release on Move a Scottish based reggae label is a Delroy Wright production recorded at Music Mountain in Jamaica. This set finds Al backed by The Roots Radics and The Brownie Bunch AKA The Studio One Band. All this talent as well as a great selection of songs, all written by Al Campbell himself, makes for a superb album. Delroy Wright's production is crisp, and shows that he learnt a lot from his co-production work with his brother Jah Life and Junjo over the years. A new production force to be reckoned with.

Al Campbell - Fence Too Tall - Live & Learn - 1987

Singers like Al Campbell are the backbone of reggae mucic. He is an artist who can always be relied upon to come up with good songs and vocal performances. 'Fence Too Tall' his is second successful LP for Delroy Wright and like 'Forward Natty' it is a great LP. Full of ideas and interesting songs. All of which are written by Al. Workng out of Channel One, Dynamic and Music Mountain, Al and Delroy have created a fresh sounding album, that does not feature one sound, but many.