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Alpha Rowen - The Teacher - Jet Star

Rolex/Alpha Rowen is yet another great singer/songwriter inspired by the late great Garnett Silk. So the legacy of this talented brother lives on. Alpha is the first of these disciples to record and release a set in the UK. Terry Linen started one up in Birmingham. This set though comes out of the upcoming Cave/Jet Star studio. Produced by Danny Ray it features a wide range of UK reggae talent Including Mafia and Fluxy on and bass and drums, 'Bubblers' on keyboards and King Kash from the Rasites. It's the songs and the singing though that make this essential. Even when Alpha covers a tune like 'If I Had A Hammer' it somehow makes it sound like one of his own. Garnett could do this, and its no easy trick! Congratulations to the Cave Production team as well. They are getting a sound.