Alvin Ranglin

Alvin Rangling/GG's

From GG’s Reggae Hit Stable Vol. 1 - Various Artists - JA Gold - CD.

From GG’s Reggae Hit Stable Vol. 2 - Various Artists - JA Gold - CD.

Alvin "GG" Ranglin has always had a strong presence within Reggae from the late 60s through to the late 70s, yet has been under represented in the re-issuing of his back catalogue. These two sets attempt to put that right featuring Rock Steady sides from 67 - 68 through to the heavy Roots sounds of the early 70s, via those fast early Reggae sides he was known for, with his GG All Stars. The Maytones, GG’s "in house" vocal duo, feature extensively across the two albums, with their unusual combination of tenor and almost eerie alto vocals (Little boy blue, Mi nah tek you lick, Straighten up), along with stars such as a post Paragons John Holt (A love like yours), the late Dennis Brown (Don’t you cry), Cornell Campbell (Keep the music playing), The Heptones (Meaning of life), Ska vocalist Eric "Monty" Morris (Higher than the highest mountain aka Endlessly), Max Romeo and Glen Adams’ classic duet (Jordan river), multiple festival winner Eric Donaldson (Lonely nights), The Ethiopians (Love bug) and Organ player Winston "Brubeck" Wright & The GG All Stars (Flight 404, )providing some crazy shouts on the latter over The Maytones’ "lover girl" African melody, Man from Carolina, Musical Shot) with DJ Charlie Ace (Valdene rhythm ! The sets flow awkwardly due to the compilers insistence to dart around from one era of styles to another, but this is not such a disaster as it gives the listener an insight to the various GG sounds. There is little to chose between the two albums, but this writer’s preference lies with the volume two, due to the preferred track content.

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