Ambelique - Shower Me With Love - Angella

Coming from a tradition of great vocal styles, its always hard to come up with something new. Yet Ambelique is up there - a truly remarkable voice - with a strong touch of US country and a X factor that is all Jamaican. Every one of his previous albums as been a great work - and this follows them in truly fine style. Recorded in the UK with the likes of Mafia and Fluxy and produced by O. Sinclear which may or may not be the Amber one himself!! Whatever its a great album - full of great old time rhythms that given the Ambelique touch s0und brand new. That is a unique gift. All the while this man makes it sound so easy. 'Searching For Love' is a favourite - 'Hurt So Bad' is another one, 'Summertime' is also great. Its just a great album from a great singer. You could imagine Ramone that very famous Mexican spitting into a pot - and saying - 'Another great work, my good friend."

Ambelique - Missing You - Black Arrow

A Donville Davis production with Mafia and Fluxy on rhythms, and they have done a great job. All this man needs is a strong well produced rhythm and off he goes. One of the best voices in reggae music - and he likes to write lyrics as well. And what a collection - mainly love songs - well love stories would be better. 'Take Over Now' is like the storyline of some insane daytime soap opera! Others are just as intense. They start off all very straight - forward - but Amberlique likes a emtional twist somewhere in his songs. Its the mark of a great songwriter as opposed to a very good one. Once again its hope that this album gets all the promotion it needs - because its these kind of albums that will keep reggae music in the album charts - forever.

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Amberlique - Special Attention - Charm - CD

Its so good to see this album out, everyone concerned as taken there time, and it shows. 15 new great songs from the man Ambelique. Over a collection of new and old rhythms built at Jet Star's Cave studio. And what songs they are. His voice is expressive enough, but his songs! 'Bluer Than Blues' for instance contains thoughts and feelings on rejection that are so expressive. 'Have Some Faith' is another classic song. One that would uplift the most downtrodden. 'Backstabbers', is up there as well. Plus another favourite 'New Sheriff' that's still got pop hit written on it. Produced by Danny 'Mr Playboy' Ray with a small army of UK based reggae musicians. Who have created something they should all be very very proud of. Even Ramone is happy.




Loves Got A Hold On Me

Reggae music is noted for going around in circles. So after many years its good to see a group of singers coming through who are into all the styles and types of reggae all the time. I'm taking about the tradition started by the likes of Gregory Isaacs and Dennis Brown. Carried on by the likes of Sugar Minott and Johnny Osbourne. Singers who like to record all types of music's and all kinds of songs are something else again. Often resulting in some of the worse albums released under the name of the music. No I'm talking about singers who are interested in making reggae albums. In the last few years one name represents that ideal - Glen Washington. Now Ambilique enters the scene with a set and a production team that includes Blackbeard, Blackbeard Jnr (Sddie) and the one called Tapper Zukie. Musicians on the album include the Taxi Gang.

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My Prayer

Share My Love

Top Of The Line

Love's Got A Hold On Me

Exclusively Yours

Stone In Love

Travelling Man

Wooh We Baby

I'm A Believer


Sing It Out Loud


Our Prayer


Executive Producer by Orlando Sinclair