Anthony B

Anthony B - Higher Meditation - Greensleeves

Frenchie the Frenchman and the one Anthony B have stuck up a good working reletionship over the last few years. This is another great set. Anthony B can deejay and come up with good lyrics - its a shame that his style was not copied more back in the early nineties, deejaying would be better for it. Frenchie's rhythms show that Mr B can handle all kinds of rhythms, but it would be better if he stuck with one style of rhythm. For the most part these are roots rhythms here, and they do suit Anthony B, they suited back in the days when he was recording for Richard Bell's Star Trail label. Its good to see producers working with artists over the course of an album again. Nothing against the compilations - but one artist - one producer does seem to suit reggae music better.

Anthony B - Black Star - Greensleeves
The second album in six months from Anthony B produced by Frenchie. And this one as got a very good vibe - its kinda crackles with energy from the first track to the last. From Ini Kamoze's 'World A Reggae Music' to the combinations with Jah Cure, and Ras Shiloh. Anthony B lyrics go from the cultural to the everyday. Frenchie's productions is clear and crisp - making good use of all what new studio technology can offer. Its just the kind of album that Athony B needs and what reggae music needs more of.