Audley Rollens

Audley Rollens - Just For You - Moodisc
Well if you are going to start revoice-ing old rhythms - the best place to start is with those who some of the best rhythms around - and Harry Mudie back in the early seventies cut some of the most toughest and roughest rhythms ever to come out of Jamaica - then he added strings - something that mainly only worked from time to time in reggae - but Harry - got it right from the start, and kept it up. It seems that his string arrangements were added in Jamaica by Johnny Black? And its those string arrangements that make this album what it is. Although you need someone with a strong voice and a great songwriting skill to keep the standard up - Audley's thankfully as got both.and when he does go for a cover version its sung with real conviction so it doesn't sound like a cover at all. His Wackies 'Role Model' Wackies 'Role Model' album set is a classic, never mind all the great singles.


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