Augustus Pablo

Augustus Pablo - Dubbing On Bond Street - Kingston Sound

Did Pablo work at Treasure Isle studio? Well we know he did work for for Studio One, so anything is possible. Duke Reid like Coxsone liked to give people a chance - Wire Lindo for instance was let loose on a number of classic Treasure Isle tunes - and Duke Reid released them! Not sure if he gave Wire any credit - but still!

So if it is Pablo, is it any good! Yes!!!! The vibes are nice and so of course are the rhythms! A lot of these rhythms were the rhythms that U Roy and Dennis Alcapone were given back in 69/70 to deejay over. That is now over forty years ago - and they still fresh today. To hear a well blown melodica over these rhythms is nice. It might not be Pablo, but it works!!!


Augustus Pablo - The Mystic World Of Augustus Pablo - Shanachie - 4 CD + 1 DVD box set.

Any major overview of a artists career like this is going to miss out on many works. With artist'slike Augustus Pablo trying to work out what to include in 4 cds of music which should be about 80 tracks is going to be impossible. Still Shanachie have done a very good job. What you get on the four discs works out like this. Disc one and two contain some of his best productions. Disc three gathers together his digital work that started in the eighties. While disc four contains rare tunes from all era's.

The latter disc is a very good idea - there are so many rare tunes from artists like Pablo that you need from time to time to bring them together so that all his fans can enjoy them.

Disc three is also a very good idea. Pablo tried hard to intergrate the roots style of the seventies with the digital style of the eighties. But in the seventies he would have no problem recutting some of the big rhythms of the day. What is lacking in the eighties - or what is missing are Pablo's cut to the tunes like 'Tempo' or some of the other big ragga tunes of the day. Tunes like 'Sleng Teng' would be a step to far for the man - but there are so many great rhythms from that time which would have sounded even better with the melodica of Pablo on them.

What you do get on disc three are a couple of unreleased gems. One from Johnny Osboure 'Rude Boy' and Willi Williams 'No War' these are great tunes -but it would have been nice to hear more of these kind of tunes. An unreleased CD would have made this set a must for the fans of Augustus Pablo.

Disc one and two - are truly some of the best music ever to come of Jamaica - Here you will finds works of Pablo, and his work with artists like Hugh Mundell, Delroy Williams, The Heptones, Junior Delgado, Tetrack and so many more leading Jamaican artists.

The package also contains a very informative booklet with some great quotes. Like Randall Grass asking Pablo what his fans would think of a 12 track set which as only 11 titles. Pablo's reply made the man what he was.

Finally the DVD. Some nice footage of Pablo yes. But its simply not long enough there must be enough video of the man to take this up to about an hour or so. Even talking to the artists he's worked with today all these years later would be interesting.

In conclusion Shanachie must be given thanks and praise for putting this work togehter - hopefully a part two will come along soon. Nother ever happens before its time....

Augustus Pablo Meets Lee Perry & The Wailers Band - Rare Dubs - 1970-1971 - Jamaican Recordings - CD. Anyone following the life and times of Augustus Pablo will be puzzled by this release. They will know about the album possibly called 'Vibrate On' that he recorded for Lee Perry at Black Ark around 1976. That album is sitting in the Island vaults somewhere. This is something else again. If it is Pablo, it’s a remarkable album, even be his high standards. Its like a dream come true, classic early seventies Wailers rhythm with Pablo on keys - melodica, organ, piano etc. What it sounds like his either Glen Adams who was the original Augustus Pablo or Peter Tosh. Then again the way the reggae business it could be anyone! But if it is Pablo it’s a truly fantastic set, and even if its not him it’s a fantastic set. Perhaps someone could sort this reggae mystery out! Anyone up for releasing Bob Marley's rock steady set!!!

Augustus Pablo - Valley Of Jehosaphat - RAS. The great man's final set, and one that that he could have taken a lot of pride in. He had nothing to prove, but in recent years his production sound had became dull. But with his body ravaged by cancer - it was a miracle that he was able to release any music at all. This a good mixture of live musicians and digital production, and the most important thing of all Pablo's melodies. Many a good rhythm as been lifted to higher heights by one of his melodies - hopefully others will now come forward to keep the Pablo melodica tradition going.

Augustus Pablo – This Is Augustus Pablo – Above Rock Records. One of the all time classic reggae albums finally makes it onto CD. And in a way it tells you a lot about the way the reggae music business is today. Instrumental and dub albums are not really respected within reggae music – and yet the musicians are as talented as in any other field. ‘This Is’ features the work of Pablo, Tinlegs on Drums, Familyman and Boris Gardiner on bass and was mixed by Errol T. Production comes of course from Clive Chin, who’s added two more tracks.

Augustus Pablo & Friends -The Red Sea - Aquarius/Black Solidarity. Herman Chin Loy invented the concept of Augustus Pablo, and yet his contribution to this legend of reggae music, as almost been forgotten. Now all those early Aquarius classics like ‘Iggy Iggy’ and ‘East Of The River Nile’ have been brought together on this 14 track CD. Recorded from 1970 to about 1972, this was ‘Proto Dub’. More than version, less than dub. You could call it ‘Instrudub’ Bunny Lee did, in about 1977. It’s a very accurate discription for what this style of music is all about.