Bambu Station


Bambu Station - Break The Soil - Mt.Nebo Records

Its so strange how history repeats itself, in the seventies what is now considred to be a golden age for reggae music - the music and the artists of that era were ignored - things haven't changed that much with regards to the media, but what is new about this time is that the reggae media - such that it is. As still not come to terms with the reggae musical explosion that is the Virgin Islands. Band after band, artist after artist come forward with great works - only to be greeted with the same indifference. And yet the home of reggae music is taking notice. Only those who think anything musical that comes from Jamaica is reggae - have got a problem. The latest set from Bambu Station is another classic, look at the tracklist:1,Brotherhood 2,Beloved People 3, I Rememba 4, Sense Enemy 5, Chance to Grow 6, King Baby 7, Who? (litany of Liars) 8, Bird's I View 9,Sing Upright 10, I Sing Prayses 11, New World Order 12, Dem Say So 13, Halle-lu-yah 14 Injoy. These are proper songs, with great reggae rhythms, and a some great production ideas. What more could anyone want?

Various Artists - Bambu Station Presents Talking Roots II
- Mt.Nebo Records

Good Works - Tuff Lion, Baggawire - Ijah Menelik, Hold The Faith - Star Lion Family, Never Change My Mind - Lady Passion, Trod On - Jahman, Dem No Tired - Danny I, My Powaz - Pressure, I Don't Know - Army, Be With Me - Bashan, Do Good - Ras Bumpa, Battle Goes On - Ibednego, Visionary Tools - Anhk Watep, Haile I Selassie I - Black Culture

Most of the names on this latest set from the Virgin Islands will proably be new to you, but when you hear this fantastic roots music you will wonder - why you are not hearing more of this music. For this is as good if not better than anything that if not better than anything coming from Jamaica in the seventies - and the only reason this point is mentioned - is that, yes the sound as got the vibes of that era - but thats all. And what is wrong with that? If you really want to believe that a ton of samples from all over the world is the future of reggae music, believe it! If you want to believe that mind-numbing so called R&B/Pop/Dance is the future of reggae music - believe it! Just don't try and make me believe it.