Barrington Levy


Barrington Levy - Robin Hood - Greensleeves

After Barrington and Junjo broke the dancehall style - they could have taken it easy - but they didn't by this set his third album - Barrington was changing his vocal style - a style that was always very melodic suddenly became very dramatic - its a surprise really that more people didn't try and copy it. Its probably proves it more complex than it first seems!! Anyway this was Mr Levy's third great set. Including massive hits like 'Love Sister Carol', 'Mary Long Tongue' the discomix version. Musically the Radics are in great form, likewise Scientist and the man who made it all possible Henry Junjo Lawes. Very few people have had the impact on reggae music that he did. Barrington works are a testimony of that for all time, and this one is truly outstanding.


Barrington Levy - Englishman - Greensleeves

If you ever wondered how 'Dancehall' became so big so quickly - here is the answer!! When Barrington teamed up Junjo Lawes who had just teamed up with the Roots Radics and Scientist the young engineer who had just got a free transfer from Studio One to King Tubbys - it all gelled. Lee Perry had talked about changing the beat, in the mid-seventies and he did to a certain extent bringing in the phaser - but Junjo took the process a whole lot further - he two liked the idea of distortion and employed the 'Talk Box' on guitar - but on the drum side of things - it was 'A Beat Changing' event. Style Scott it was said was playing chords. The result was a heavier sound. On the vocal side Barrington had the vibes - a sweet vocal and enough lyrics - picked and mixed to for any theme you care to mention. Finally there was the engineer. Scientist his mixing took the thing up another level again. But it was made possible by Junjo. A real producer in every sense of the word.