Beenie Man


Beenie Man - Monster Of Dancehall - Greensleeves.

Never in the history of music as one tune summed up an artist so well. 'Who Am I'? Who indeed? They called Yellowman the Walking Jewelry Store - It would make Beenie Man the walking xerox machine! He can copy any style of deejaying - and he's proud of it. But the end result is very confusing. In comedy people can earn a good living mimicing people - but is it a good idea for music? All you can really say is that most of these 18 tracks have been hits. Big hits in some cases. Which as been very good for Beenie Man, but can the same be said about reggae music?

Beenie Man - Y2K - Artists Only - CD

Probably not an official release as far as Beenie is concerned - but with tracks coming from producers like King Jammy. Ward 21, Bobby Digital and even Triston Palmer, it was always going to be good. Another important point is that they are all reggae tracks - no one is talented enough to put 20 new tracks on a CD without losing the plot. These 12 tracks are more than enough - they might not be his latest hits, but they are all good.

Woman Ah Modler

Boogie Down

Miss Angela (With Christina)

Feel Good (With Leroy Sibbles)

Recruiting Girl

Illiterate Girl



AIDS Veteran (Remix)

F**K Hawk

Greendelero (Remix)

Green Card Buddy

Proudced by Various Producers.


Beenie Man - As The World Gone Mad - Call Me Shams - 7"

Beanis as chopped and changed his style so many times its bordering on a physiological condition 'Who Am I' does not cover it. In this instance he's stepped into a time warp and gone back to 1985 and the fast style. I'm sure Papa Levi, Smiley Culture and Peter King will be smiling when they here this one. And it's a reality tune.