Black Victory

a: Sugar Minott ‘Devil Is At Large’
a2: Chris Wayne ‘Don’t Worry Yourself’
a3: Willie Williams ‘Solid Rock I Stand’
a4: Ras Menilik ‘DaCosta Free South Africa’
b: Jerry Johnson ‘Tribute To Prince Knight’
b2: Black Roots Players ‘Temp Dub’
b3: Black Roots Players ‘Slow Tempo’
b4: Black Roots Players ‘Up Tempo’

V/A - Tempo Explosion - Black Victory - Dugout

Great to see someone getting around to putting out one riddim sets again. And even better to see a eight track set! As anyone ever tried to listen to a 20 track one rhythm CD! No matter how great the rhythm you can end up really disliking it at after 20 tracks!

What is also good about this set its that its reality set. Sugar, Chris and Willy, Menilik, have always had a good idea of what reality is about. With a tough rhythm like 'Tempo' you don't want to hear nonsense. Although of course the contradition is that the song that made the rhythm famous is little more than that. Dance hall business! Still nuff respect to Red Rose!!!

On this set you get dubs uptempo and downtempo, plus a great sax cut from Jerry Johnson. A great set!!!