Bluebeat Story


The Story Of Blue Beat - 3 CDs - Notnowmusic

One of the opening shots in finally trying to make some sense ofthe pre-ska days of Jamaican music. This is shuffle beat! And its shufflebeat at its very best!!!

All the big stars of Jamaican music are here. Laurel Aitken, Higgs and Wilson, The Jiving Juniors, Keith and Enid, Derrick Morgan, Owen Gray, Byron Lee, Theo Beckford, Lloyd Clarke etc etc.

The real gems - tunes that eluded collectors for a long time are tunes like 'Album Of Memory' from the Magic Notes.

The other great thing about this set is that you get to understand the importance of bands like Kenneth Richards, and Trenton Spence. Those names pop up time after time. Clue J and the Blues Blasters were the band of the of moment and are also featured.

The sound quality is excellent. And needless to say so is the music!!!