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Luciano & Bob Andy - Create Out History - AL.TA.FA.AN - CD

Really good to see two of Jamaica's finest singer/songwriters teaming up to create a really great tune, and its even better to see it on a CD single. A reality tune of the highest rank - full of great ideas and messages. Vocally both singers are in great form sensing perhaps that this tune is something special. Junior Kelly comes in for the DJ cut and is also in fine form, tuning into the tune. Kiana - the dub cut is another fine example of dub/version - mixed by Solgie? If the Al TA FA AN label can maintain this kind of thing, they are going to be a major force in the music. Keep up the good works.

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Bob Andy - Song Book - Studio One - 1972 - CD

Bob Andy has had so many accolades placed upon him, it's just so hard to understand why he hasn't broken through in a big way. The combination of a voice like his and lyrics that are just as good is for most people a new experience. This album contains no less then twelve classics all of them carry the mark of genius. He tells stories of love, life past and present and of living, the emotional pull is so strong that you can become a character within them. It's up to you - virtual musical reality.

Bob Andy - Lots Of Love And I - Sky Note - 1978 - LP

The four basic elements that make up a classic album are excellent singing, excellent songwriting, excellent musicianship and consistency. This album as the first three, but sadly lacks the fourth. One track spoils the album the title track. Apart from that, this album is as intense as his debut album. 'Ghetto Stays In The Mind', 'Stepping Free' and 'Mash It Up' are songs about how frustration turns to apathy, this is an attempt to provoke people into some type of action, even if only to think about there life.

Bob Andy - Retrospective - I-Anka - 1986 - CD

The 'Song Book' album for Studio One is a classic, although what was also needed was an LP that takes in the man's career from the early 70's to the mid 70's. And finally Bob's put it together. And in doing so he's given us the added pleasure of music from that time that is brand new. These new tracks are 'Too Proud to Beg' and 'Patience Is The Key' two wonderful songs in the same style as 'You Don't Know' and 'Life' The rest of the album is more or less the Sound Tracs LP 'The Music Inside Me'.

Bob Andy - Freely - I-Anka - 1988 - CD

Although 'Song Book' Bob's LP for Studio One is a classic, what Bob needed was an album that he could also benefit from. For me 'Retrospective' was such a album, although it was mix of old and unreleased material. 'Freely' is better, much better. You want reality? check out 'You Think Its A Joke' 'Freely' and 'No Video'. Love tunes come in the form of 'I Don't Want To See You Cry' and 'Cherry'. For Inspiration listen to 'Sun Shines For Me' and 'Little Brothers & Sisters'. Well arranged, and produced, a great work.


Andywork - Various Artists - I-Anka - 1991 - CD

The natural progression from artist to producer in reggae music is usally speeded up by the fact that it doesn't take long for an artist to realise that the only way to make any money out of the business is to produce. Examples of Bob Andy producing other artists are rare, this album corrects that. Included on this set are great works from The Ethiopians, Delroy Wilson, Leroy Smart, Richard Ace, plus Bob & Marcia and Bob himself. All recorded around the early to mid seventies mainly at Harry J's studios.

Bob Andy & Mad Professor - Dub Book - I-Anka - 1989 - CD

Dub as gone continually in and out of fashion since the mid seventies. The main reason for this is that the same old rhythms get reworked in the same old way. Then came a new concept the One Artist dub album. Bunny Wailers and Burning Spear have both issued excellent dub sets. Bob Andy's 'Dub Book' is yet another fine example. Featuring dub mixes of the likes of 'You Don't Know' 'Ghetto Stays In The Mind' and 'War In The City' plus six more, all suitably processed at Ariwa Studios in London.


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Bob Andy - Songbook - Studio One - 1972 SA 4

Bob Andy - Lots Of Love & I -Sky Note -1978 SA 1

Bob Andy - Friends - I-Anka - 1983 - ***

Bob Andy - Retrospective - I-Anka -1986 SA24

Bob Andy - Freely - I-Anka -1988 SA28