Bobby Konders


Various Artists - Bobby Konders Mix Tape 2 - Greensleeves

A 42 track mix of some of the best of the 90's from Mr Konders. If anyone can make the 90's sound good its him. Seven years into the next decade you can now make some kind of assesement of the nineties - and sadly it wasn't very good. DJ's and rhythms have a symbotic relationship - and all the best rhythms here come from different era's. But Bobby does a great job, cut down to a minute or so - mixed together it does work. When it comes to DJ's present it was always a case of one step forward two steps back. Ninjaman Bounty Killer still sounds like the best of the bunch. But this concept is a good one, and hopefully Bobby will be mixing some more stuff again for Greensleeves.


Bobby Konders/Massive B - Mix Tape - Mad Sick Head Nah Good -

Greensleeves - CD

Having taken control of the rhythm market with an whole series of great rhythms albums - going back just a few years - Greensleeves move into the mix CD market and in the process open up market for reggae music. This is what CDs were made for, like a cassette you can really pack the music in, but you don't need no filler. And this CD is lean. 68 tunes mixed down into 14 rhythms. Bobby's a great DJ and producer - he knows his stuff, and like all people like that he makes it seem so easy. This should be a tremendous success, and with it being the first release in this series its sets a very high standard for others to follow.