Bob Marley & The Wailers

Bob Marley & The Wailers

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The Wailers Band - Higher Field Marshall/ Rhythm & Sound - No Partial - PK6 - 10"

The Wailers Band made some great instrumentals, some of them came out on The Familyman - Heartbeat CD. This one is a Clive Chin production at Randy's and features Peter Tosh on Melodica. When you hear this kind of thing it makes you realise just how great the Wailers band was and still could be. The B side is the Rhythm And Sound remix. What a tune! You would not think it would be possible to make something like this better, but they do.

Bob Marley & The Wailers - Natty Rebel - Orange Street

Everytime you think that nothing can be added to the huge back catalogue of Wailers related - along comes something else. This 32 track double CD appears to be the same old music, but its not. A lot of sound like different mixes, and in some cases different tunes. The best example is 'Nice Tune' the track on this set features strings, very well arrangedstrings that have to be heard to be believed. 'Sugar Sugar' is another track that sound so different from all the previous cuts that have appeared, and this one is the best. The sleevenotes and photos from John Williams are excellent and infomative. The packaging is beautiful, let down only by some problem with colour seperation, which shouldn't be to hard to fix.

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The Wailers 'Catch A Fire' album was and still is a milestone for reggae music. For years a debate as gone on about an alternative release of the album from Jamaica in late 73 or early 74. This contained the same 9 tracks as the UK release but without the overdubs. To me it was a matter of fact - a very rare album for sure, but one that came out. Now on these years later - Island and Tuff Gong have done the right thing and have released the UK release and 'Unreleased Set' in one great package. To make it even more special they have included two tracks that could have been released on the original but never - the superb ballad 'High Tide, Low Tide' and 'All Day All Night'. Reggae music at its finest. 


The Wailers

Catch A Fire



One of the classic reggae albums of all time is Catch A Fire Now the making of this historic set is told on this 60-minute video. featured here are rare video interviews with Bob, Peter and Bunny.Together with contributions from the likes of Chris Blackwell,Family Man, Robbie Shakespeare, and Sylvan Morris.While the biscuit must go to Winston 'Sparrow' Martin' Who it seems played drums on 'Stir It Up'.

Bob Marley & The Wailers - Wailers & Friends - Heartbeat. CD

This is a lot better concept, instead of going over the same old music, try and find another angle to it. Trojan did a box set on this 'Friends' theme. Heartbeat have limited this set to the Studio One connection, and it works very well. Some tracks are outstanding, check out Lord Brynner's 'Where's Sammy Gone' and Jack Sparrow 'Ice Water'. If you want the big hits you can't go wrong with Bob Andy's 'I've Got To Go Back Home' and Ken Boothe's 'The Train Is Coming'.

The Wailers - Bus Dem Shut - Impact 7"

The Wailers had a long and very production association with Randy's. Like Lee Perry, it was their favourite studio. This Wail N Soul production is a great example of what the Wailers were all about. Tight harmonies and songs that always had a message. To make this release extra special they have also dug out a fine instrumental 'Lyrical Satirical' for the b.side.