Boss Sounds Vol 2


Boss Sounds 2 - Marc Griffiths and Dave 'Old Wah' Sandford - Stregwah

240 full colour pages.

The reggae era 68-70 as long been of great interest to many people - it was when reggae first broke into the national pop music charts. That music was fast and had a real style - it was so good that it drew to it a large white audience who were also intocertain clothes - fashion!

By 1971/72 it was all over and done with. Some of the white audience drifted off into other things, other musics. Some stayed with the reggae! And found great enjoyment in the new sounds of the deejays and then dub.

So much music came out in that 68-70 era, that around the mid nineties Marc Griffiths put together Boss Sounds. It was the first attempt to concentrate purely on the music - away from fashion and the social aspect of what happened.

The problem was how to present the book to capture the excitement of that era. It was the era of the budget various artist set, Tighten Up, Club Reggae, etc. But the real engine of that era was the labels.

A few years later, it would be producers who people would get excited about. And then finally the artists themselves.

The labels though were colourful - with dramatic names and lettering. So for Boss Sounds 2 - Marc and Dave have gone for a full colour book! It was the only to capture that excitement.

Every page contains labels, and even some rare album covers. The text is about the labels. The big hits, and great tunes. And to be clear the book does just stop at 1970. You will find labels here that were still releasing tunes in 1973. Nothing really is that simple in reggae music!

A truly great book! That once again truly captures the 'Reggae' era (68-70). If you want a copy just type in the title on Ebay - and Old Wah will sort you out in the nicest possible way!