Brushy One String

Brushy One String - The King Of One String

When Brushy first stuck a chord, nay a note, some twenty odd years ago with the followers of dancehall. His 'Chicken In The Corn' was a powerful debut single - produced by Courtney Cole.

Why its taken so long for his debut album to appear as probably got more to do with the fortunes of reggae music then Brushy.

Twenty years ago the experimination that had started in the late seventies was slowly coming to an end. It was when people like Brushy were not picked up by the likes of Courtney to record an album. That you knew something was wrong.

In no time at all a small group of reggae artists on major label (but not for long) were getting all the coverage. Hype had replaced talent. Even the raw talent of Brushy.

They say nothing ever happens before its time in Jamaica, but I don't think a young man should have to wait for over to record his debut album.

And yes its a good one. Brushy twangs away in fine style, over all the tracks. In times past 'Another Song Of Praise' track 6 on this great set would be in the singles chart. Its as good 'Chicken In The Corn'. Lets hope that Brushy doesn't have another twenty years before his next album!!