Burning Babylon




Burning Bablyon - Beat Beat Beat - Sound Shack

So good to see another set from Burning Babylon - the work they have done in recent years with the sound of the early eighties - the sound of the Radics as been a revelation - dark - heavy and moody. On this set they have gone further back in time to the sound of the early seventies when Scratch and others were playing around with synths - it was a sound very much dominated by keyboards rather than bass and drum - the result is too free up the bass and drum - allowing much simpler patterns to emerge. Clearly infused with the spirit of the keyboard - we are then thrown into the early digital era - post Radics - but just before the domination of Jammys and Tubbys. Excellent stuff.


Burning Babylon - Garden Of Dub - Mars Recordings

Many people have wondered about the origins of dub. In Jamaica it was of course the version era that led to dub, but what of outside influences. This third CD from Burning Babylon which is in fact the first CD, (I love this kind of stuff!) provides a big clue. On this excellent set you will find lots of little musical links way back to the fifties. I don't know if Slade Anderson/Burning Babylon is a rockabilly fan, but that is what he's picking up on here, and it all makes sense, because some of the earliest examples of dubwise come from people like Bill Haley and the Comets!!! Pure bass and drum with plenty of echo!!! Anyways this is another magnificent set with some great playing and a lot of imagination. Its also presented in a great digipak, featuring some interesting sleevenotes!!! Great stuff.

Burning Babylon - Stereo Mash Up - Mars Records - CD

Slade Anderson comes again with some new style dub - featuring solid reggae rhythms from a variety of eras mixed in with samples - and like the first set its all great stuff. Its not roots dub, its just dub - you can hear the man's real love of reggae music - and that's all it takes. Trying to reproduce something is not his style. This is dub 30 years on from when dub first made its mark in Jamaica - but what makes it really good is that its firmly rooted in the reggae tradition. Samples yes - gimmicks NO! A truly great set all well presented in a very colourful digipak.

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Burning Babylon - Knives To The Treble - Mars - CD

Burning Babylon are trodding on the same path as Twilight Circus - superheavy weight rhythms inspired by the Radics - only Burning Babylon are partial to a fx here and there - nothing wrong in that in moderation and this set sets stay well within the codes of dub laid down by King Tubby and the rest of the dubmasters of Jamaica. The 13 tracks hit the ground running with 'Roots Fi Cool' and move across the muscial landscape with all the ease of huge 4X4. Recorded in the US in NYC - produced and engineered by Odd Jobb it all comes in a very nice digipak. Now where did they get that title from?