Buru Banton

Buru Banton - Da Original - Massive B - CD - 1995.

Very popular on Junjo’s Volcano sound system around 1983/84, he took many people by surprise by having one of his first singles released on Powerhouse, George Phang’s label, and at the time a serious rival to Junjo. And now out of nowhere comes this excellent set. A Bobby Konders production that is about rough and ragged as you can get. Rhythms that would test any DJ to the max, and the amazing this is that Buru rides them so naturally.

Buro - Buro - CSA

On sound systems tapes Buro sounds like a disciple of Prince Jazzbo, rough and gruff. Perhaps a rival to Nicodemus. Here's there's no evidence of that style. It would be hard to pinpoint a direct influence. He's a new DJ with an original style. On this album he's given music produced by Henry Junjo Lawes with the High Tapes Band recorded at Joe Gibbs. The rhythms sound fresh. The High Times Band, overall sound is sparser then the Roots Radix. Yet what really matters is that Buro Banton as made a great debut album.