Kandiman - Never Pass This Way - Sweet Beat 7"

Last but not least - Kandiman himself with a great song. He's tone down the Bob Marley thing a bit - which is a good idea. A great set of productions.

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Candyman – Mek We Walk – New Faze Muzic

Candyman – Your Love Gotta Hold On Me – Sweet Beat

Candyman – Back Outta The War – Backyard Movements

Normally three excellent singles would mean three excellent single reviews, but space considerations mean a three in one effort. The great thing about this selection is that it’s a cross selection of the three main styles of reggae. ‘Me We Walk’ has got that kind of laid back Perry/Wackies/Studio One feel that is always popular. While ‘Your Love Gotta Hold On Me’ is strictly ragga and is taken from the ‘Marley Culture’. Finally ‘Back Outta The War’ comes from a roots session Candy as voiced the Russ of the Disciples. This is heavy roots, but firmly in the current old style/ new style. Inspired by the seventies without trying to recreate them. Excellent.