Capital Letters - Headline News - Greensleeves - CD

A very well known fact from the late seventies UK reggae scene is that, there were 300 reggae bands in the UK at that time. Aswad, Steel Pulse, Black Slate and Misty In Roots were probably the front line. But bands like Capital Letters, Reggae Regulars weren't far behind. This might sound a bit strange, but a lot of the problems with bands is that if they get the name wrong - you don't really know what they are about. Aswad always sounded good - but the rest of them including Capital Letters - always seemed to have a bit of marketing problem. For there is nothing wrong here with the music on there one and only album. Its got all the lyrical power of Misty or Aswad - and the music is great. Some great drum rolls in the style of Tin Legs. Produced by Chris Cracknell at TMC in London who gets a very good overall roots sounds. Really good to see it out again as well.