Captain Sinbad


Captain Sinbad - The Seven Voyages Of Captain Sinbad - Greensleeves

Back in the early eighties it was literally a DJ army, and if you like the back stars like Josey, Charlie or Briggy you was safe - but and its a very but keeping the former on their toes was this DJ Army or the Massive. Sinbad was a part of that - and this album shows why ! He's got the style, he's got lyrics and with Junjo one of the best producers Jamaica as ever seen. A ten track set, now extended to a 12 track set its an excellent set. Featuring all the current themes like 'Bim Salute' 'All Over', 'Wa Dat'. It was the mark of a good DJ if they could add a little to these themes - and Sinbad does in fine style. The artwork from Tony McDermott is excellent as are the sleevenotes from the one Harry Hawke.