Carl I

Carl I - Keep My Fire Burnin' - Jahug

The Cultrural Revolution that took place in Jamaica in the seventies , quickly had an effect on reggae music being made in the UK. From the late sixties to the early seventies reggae music made in the UK was made at Chalk Farm studio in Camden Town. For the most part it was a very commercial kind of reggae. Elsewhere in places like Stoke Newington and Tottenham they were getting a different sound, and with it came some seriously different lyrics. Roy Shirley, Gene Rondo and Mike Dorane - were all involved. Fast forward to now some thirty years later - and here is the debut album of Carl Gayle aka Iyah Carl, aka Carl I. One of reggae's greatest music journalists. Way back in the eighties - Carl made a few truly great records 'Ice Cream' being the most well known. This album builds on that tune in fine style. Its full of great songs, and fantastic rhythms - the raw scrubbing kind of rhythms of that early seventies UK. Strangely its sounds modern - its the vibes that Carl as picked up on so well. Vocally Carl sometimes sounds like Junior Byles - but once again its a vibe. He's not trying to sound like anyone. This is Carl I, and this is a truly fantastic and very unusual set.