Carl Meeks

Carl Meeks - Wah Dem Fah - Redman

Newcomer Carl had a modest hit with the title track of this album. On it he sounded very influenced by the vocal style of Michael Prophet. Like other young talents though it seems that Carl was only borrowing the style to gain attention, before giving us his own style.Lyrically he covers traditional ground with a good balance between reality and lovers tunes. Prodution from Redman is in the ragga fashion giving us rhythms with extra deep bass and plenty of percussion effects.

Carl Meeks - Jackmandora - Greensleeves - 1989

George 'The Photographer' Lemon as been producing some interesting music now for quite a while, but this album is truly exceptional. Production wise it's got the high energy of ragga, with the the kind of arrangements that you expect to find on roots records. The title track is produced by Danny Fraser for Central Zone Productions, and is in the same style. Carl's vocal and lyrical skills fit in well with the concept of the album. Yet the concept was never followed up which is very strange.