Carlton Livingstone

Carlton Livingstone - Soweto - El Bebo

It's always nice to come across a new vocal style, and Carlton Livingstone's is certainly that. A touch of Cornell Campbell and Horace Andy is the best way to describe it. Yet a new vocal style is not enough, you have to be able to write as well to maintain some sort of presence in business, and Carlton's thankfully got that ability as well. On this set produced by Carlton & Leon Synomie he's shows his interest in life songs which is always encouraging. 'Soweto' the title track being just one fine example.

Carlton Livingstone - 100 Weight Of Coolie Weed - Greensleeves - 1984.

In late 1983 Volcano HI Power started playing a number of new songs from Carlton. Most people thought that this music was recorded for Junjo. Now we know different. This album is produced by Jah Life & Percy Chin, who were also responsible for those Volcano dub plates, and was recorded at HCF studio with ex King Tubby apprentice Phillip Smart at the controls. Musicians on the album are a mix of Monyaka and Kalabash bands and the album they have made is truly stunning.

Carlton Livingstone - Trodding Through The Jungle - Dynamite. Carlton Livinstone certainly came forward in 1984. And you can't complain about the quaility of this album for Clive Jarrett. 'Trodding Through The Jungle' which was a big hit for Carlton in 82/83 is just one of many great tunes to be found on this set. 'Marie' the tune with the wonderfully muted horn solo is also inlcuded. 'Confusion' opens the album in fine style, and allows him to display his vocal abilities at their best. His originality comes in the form of a quiver on certain words. An excellent album.

Carlton Livingstone - Rumours - Bebo International

Proceeding the Clive Jarrett Dynamite album was the Beswick Phillips Bebo album from the U.S.. And as these producers work very close usually, it was expected that his album would be just as good. And it is. 'Rumours' as everything that the Dynamite set as. 'Rumours' is on both albums. And it's easy to see why both producers wanted the tune on their albums. 'Are You Afraid' with it's supernatural sound, and 'Blood Ago Run' over the 'Peanut Vendor' rhythm are two more great tracks from an album full of them.