Catch Me Time

Various Roots - We Roots - Catch Me Time

With very little reggae coming out of Jamaica now. Its left to the various outposts of reggae music now dotted around the world to carry on.

Midnite from the Virgin Islands are doing fantastic works. While over on the West Coast of America - Los Angeles to be precise the one called Chuck Foster as finally got his 'Catch Me Time' label first album release out.

A various artist set featuring a collection of very talented young women all with serious reggae connections.

Zema is a name that reaches right back into the golden age of Channel One - she recorded an album there back in the early eighties. For this set she retraces the path of Hopeton Lewis with a tribute to the Rock Steady era.

Jessica Burks is a southern american roots artist relocated to LA. 'Hollywood Sign' and 'Ride All Night' both capture the spirit of LA -over strong reggae rhythms.

Shayna Dread - comes forward with 'Don't Fight The Youth' and 'Fire Is Burning' two very militant protest type songs - maintaing a proud reggae tradition.

Universal Speakers - provide the dancehall vibes with 'We Roots' - deejaying and singing on the rhythm in fine style.

Queen P - has worked with Alton Ellis, Derrick Morgan and Stranger Cole when they performed in LA. And you can tell she's been listening to what makes these great singers great. A song sung with great feeling.

Jordan Mercedes - picks up on the same kind of feeling. 'The Sun Is Gonna Shine' is a very upful tune - featuring some very unusual instruementation.

All tracks produced by Chuck Foster - backed by the Catch Me Time Allstars and they really are stars some serious talent in the area. Reggae music outside the box - straight from the heart!