Chakademus - Everyone Loves The Chaka - Black Scorpio.

At one time it seemed that 'Briggy's University' was all set to take over the DJ side of reggae music. Tonto Irie, Bruck Back and Tiger were all ready and waiting. Instead its 'Josie Wales's Comprehensive' who have dashed in. Chakademus is the latest student who as graduated on to making LP's. To do it though he's had to leave Jammmys, and check out Jack Scorpio owner of the famous Black Scorpio sound system. This is a great album - ruff and gruff lyrics over tough digital rhythms - who could want more.

Chakademus - No. One - Penthouse - 1992

And so he was, on his own or in combination with the singer Pliers, Chakademus was on top. In just a few years the rough and gruff style was not only the most popular DJ style in reggae music, but in the form of Shabba Ranks had gone on to conquer the world. What makes Chaka so appealing is a bizzare sense of humour. On this album, (produced by Germain and Dave Kelly), for instance you get two very fine examples of it - 'Chaka On The Move' and 'Workie Workie' which were was also very big hits.