Channel One

V/A(Channel One) 1RLP - General For General - Hitbound - 1984. Not the first one rhythm album, but certainly the one that finally established the concept. 10 cuts of Leroy & Rocky's 'Love Me Girl' rhythm retitled 'General For General' due to the success that Tapper Zukie had, had with his dj cut. This Channel One version of the rhythm was originally by The Mighty Diamonds, whose cut of the rhythm is thankfully included here. Other favourites are Barrington Levy's 'Dances Are Changing' and 'Ghetto Dance' from Jah Thomas. Plus the dub/instrumental cut.

V/A(Channel One) - 1RLP - The Unmetered Taxi - Empire - 1984. Sly and Robbie's 'Unmetered Taxi' rhythm based on the old (very old) 'Peanut Vendor' rhythm was a massive hit for them on their own Taxi label in 1984. So it was a surprise when they recut or remixed the rhythm again for Channel One. Still this ten track set produced by Wayne & Kenneth Hoo Kim, contains some truly great cuts of the rhythm. 'I Remember' from Hugh Griffiths being a special favourite. All the cuts feature a well played and very forward rhythm guitar, not present of the Taxi cut.

V/A(Channel One) - 1RLP - Adam And Eve - Empire - 1984

Produced by I.Roy for Channel One this one rhythm LP employs Ernest Wilson's 'Why Oh Why' rhythm, that Ernest cut for Studio One. The reason for this album and the rhythm to be called here 'Adam & Eve' as yet to be understood by myself. This is a great rhythm album, but so far most of the rhythm albums have come out of a great popularity of a rhythm at the time. Would I.Roy please come forward with an explanation. In the meantime he's to be congratulated on producing a excellent album. Ten superb cuts.

V/A(Channel One) 1RLP - Hypocrite Ina Dance Hall Style - Empire - 1985. The success of 'General For General' and 'Unmetered Taxi' for Channel One, meant that follow up one rhythm LP's were inevitable. Still they didn't rush the job. They were waiting for the next big rhythm to come out of the dance halls of Jamaica. One of the big rhythm then was Bob Marley & The Wailers 'Hypocrites'. Nothing on this album really reaches the lyrical heights of that tune, but songs like Earl Sixteen's 'Come A Long Way' and 'Leggo Mi Hand' from Black Euphony make it a worthwhile set.

V/A(Channel One) - 1RLP - Worries In The Dance - Empire - 1985. Frankie Paul's 'Worries In The Dance' the one he cut for Channel One was a boom for Frankie. The slow sensuous rhythm was ideal for him. It was also a new rhythm, fresh and crisp. This time Kenneth Hookim is at the controls, but strangely Frankie's original tune is not on the album, which is a shame. Although it's absence is more than made up for. The nine cuts available here are well forward. 'Life In Jailhouse' from Patrick Andy is particulary hard. Overall an outstanding collection.