Charlie Chaplin

Charlie Chaplin - One Of A Kind - Trojan - 1983

Although a big favourite on U.Roy's Sturgav sound system in Jamaica, Charlie had not really broken into the record market in 1983. This album and 'Presenting' released just before it on Kingdom were both produced by Roy Cousins, who at that time was just coming up. Charlie's lyrics are always interesting and he certainly knows how to ride a rhythm. And what great rhythms they are, strong bass and drum pushed along by memorable melodies. In the mix can be heard Don Carlos, Junior Reid and the late Jim Kelly.

Charlie Chaplin - Que Dem - Powerhouse - 1984

The L.P. that has fulfilled Charlie's promise, and one that he will be hard pressed to better. Packed with lyrics from beginning to end. Containing interpretations of 'Never Let Go' 'Real Rock', 'Shank ISheck', 'Johnny Dollar' 'Heavenless' and 'Full Up'. The fact that George Phang has used so many dance hall rhythms only makes it easier for Chaplin to shine, and shine he does. Charlie's pronunciation is particulary clear, combining the influences of Brigadier Jerry and Lone Ranger to emerge with his own dynamtie style.