Chukki Starr

Chukki Starr - Can't Stop It -

Its so good to see the UK deejays standing firm when it comes to what they want to do and say - that tradition goes back a long way - and its something that need to held onto. Chukki's latest set really builds on the previous works - its so easy for Deejays to get sidetracked into rap and all kinds of stuff - but there trade is in words - rhyming and fitting them into rhythms - reggae rhythms!!! Very few people can do that well, but Chukki Star does, and in fine style lets hope he keeps it up for many years to come.

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Chukki Starr - From Crime To Kodesh - Jet Star

Chukki debut's album for Ariwa a few years back showed that deejaying in the UK still had something to offer. Here was a UK deejay with something to say about UK runnings using rhythms built in the UK. It was a major success. This is another incredible set from Chukki, but this one is recorded in Jamaica and produced by Dr Marshall. Its not a problem - because reggae is truly international these days - but you still tend to get a bit excited when the UK comes up with something special all in one package. But who can blame Chukki for wanting to record in Jamaica. It's his lyrics and his style that makes the difference, and they are excellent. While Dr Marshall production skills go from strength to strength. Really good to hear Ronnie Thwaits on backing vocals.