Claudius Linton

Claudius Linton - Roots Master - Sun King

Willi Williams once stated that "'Reggae is more mystery than history" and that would apply to this release how a major talent like Claudis could be left on the sidelines is beyond belief! Most reggae fans who know about the man know of the Jack Ruby connection or the Hofner Brother tunes. Very few of them have more than one tune by the man in there collections such is the rariety of his music. So this magnificent collection of 16 works is a must. This set Volume 1 - starts in 1969 and goes all the way to 1984. The songwriter is excellent, and with a vocal style that takes in Joe Higgs, Junior Byles and Joe Hill he cannot fail to please. But like all great singers he's got something in there just to let you know its him. Which bodes well for the future on talking of such things - the man as a brand new album in the box co-produced with the one called Ian Jones - due for release sometime in 2008. If this anything to go by, it should be the album of the year - but that would be hard because its going to take a lot to take that title away from this set!