Clinton Fearon

Clinton Fearon - Vision

The Gladiators have released some classic sets - now days you will its Albert Griffiths and The Gladiators you will find on tour. But Clinton Fearon is still out there and not only is the man always on tour - he's also still putting out great albums. This one as been out for a year or so but the year of release matters not to this website. Anyone who knows anything about reggae will know that good things are not found easily. And this is very very very good. Recorded in the US in Seattle where Clinton is now based. Its that timeless Gladiators sound. You see Clinton is not just recording he's teaching. And the the people on this album have learnt well. This set as got that seventies sound - an early seventies sound. All it needs is great lyrics - and that is no problem for Clinton. If anything he makes it seem to easy - and yet that is the biggest problem reggae music as got. A classic set.