Clive Natural


Clive Natural - Set It

Not sure if this is out yet, but its another great set (!) from the man. With no info other than the title, its hard to say where it was recorded. But Jamaica would be a safe bet. Its got that kind of yard vibe that is still hard to find here. The songs are strong with everything from roots to dancehall in the sense that ideas come from many sources. Vocally Clive sounds like he's inspired from listening to Jux and Peter Tosh. And recombines the two vocal styles into one - with great style! Just hope the album gets a release soon.



Clive Natural - Shine The Light - Natural Consortium

The second great album from the man Clive Natural - just like the first its got that same mixture of roots and dancehall. This new album though was recorded in Jamaica with the Food Clothes And Shelter band at Tuff Gong. African Sammy gets the production credit. Only a eight track set - but there is nothing wrong with that better to have eight good quality tracks than eight plus eight that are just filler. Clive singing style is very much along the lines of Junior Delgado and Jack Radics - its got a raw edge that with the right type of songs works everytime. 'Shine The Light' the title track is truly outstanding a moving song. 'Down In Babylon' is just as good - in these times of tribulation we need these songs to remind of us of where we are. The rest of the set is just as good - a powerful work from a very talented singer songwriter.

Clive Natural - Natural Man - GR

Jux and Jack Radics seems to have the big voice in reggae music all wrapped up. Yet the style is to good for just two singers - like the buses and trains of London, there is always room for one or two more. Please make way for Clive Natural, I'm told there is another set by the man - if so I hope its as good as this. Which is full of great songs and rhythms. And is a nice mixture of love song, life songs and cultural themes. Recorded in London with people like Jackie Mittoo, Sugar Minott, Don Ricardo, Professor Larry and Danny Marshall. Means its not new, but music made like this is timeless. Hopefully Clive as got some more great music like this to share with us.