Cobra - Mercyless Bad Boy - Sinbad - 1991

A DJ who came out of nowhere, and within the space of a few months had at least 5 albums released. This set for Captain Sinbad was one of the first of them. Cobra or Mad Cobra as he is now knowm is influenced if not highly influenced by Ninjaman. His DJ style is to start, stop, and start again. Rammed into this verbal exercise program are lyrics galore. Most of which contain themes on guns, girls, sex and violence. With the DJ business, it's not what you say, it's how you say it. Murder.

Cobra - Bad Boy Talk - Penthouse - 1991

The only thing different about this album is the production style. Germain's Penthouse rhythms are a little more calmer than Captain Sinbad's. Still with Cobra, ranting and raving on like he does, you do need something to be a bit stable. Although overall the 'Rude Boy' style of deejaying probably works better over the more basic rhythms. The aggression contained within his lyrics comes out that much better. Then you either accept him for what he is, or you reject him. And if you do, just keep it to yourself.