Cocoa Tea

Cocoa Tea - Tune In - Greensleeves - CD

By 1994, Coco had been in the business about ten years, and at least 6 0r 7 albums to his name. Fatis on the other hand had more or less just linked up with Luciano and was about to sign to Island Records. When a producer is hot like this, a lot of artists tend to move towards him, hoping for that little bit of magic. Coco really didn't need it, but he got it anyway. 'Tune In', was a big hit, 'Good Life' was another one. Cut over the big rhythms of the day, in that Xterminator sound - its stood the test of time. It was a new vibe, and it still sounds good today. The original release as been added too here, with extended mixes that include Charlie Chaplin and Buju Banton. It all works very well. And stands alongside the works of Cocoa Tea from producers like Junjo and Tubby's. Hopefully somewhere along the way Greensleeves will out the Junjo album, the one that got away from them the first time around.

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Cocoa Tea - Feel The Power - Xterminator/VP

Coco's now a vetran of the reggae business, he's worked with some of the biggest names in the business. He's now got his own studio and label Roaring Lion - but for this latest work he's turned to Fatis for production. And this is one of his strongest sets for years. On par with his debut album for Junjo and the set recorded at King Tubby's. Great works have come from Fatis before, but not as good as this. It's just the right balance of cultural songs, love songs and reality songs. Recorded at Roaring Lion and Anchor with a mixture of the Firehouse Crew and others like Dean Fraser and Chinna giving an helping hand.