Cool Runnings


Cool Runnings - 1980 - 85 - Petri Aarnjo & Pekka Vuorinen

Today reggae music is big all over Europe - France, Germany, Italy, Holland you name it - but back in the early eighties it wasn't the case. Yes there were reggae fans in all these countries but they were organised in anyway. However one country was very organised - FINLAND. It was not just Tero Kaski alone that could never work. It was the Finnish Massive - who travelled back and forth to the UK and to Jamaica is search of music and information.

This massive book documents that. It really is massive 475 pages. With colour photos and information covering this era in reggae music. Of course its all in Finnish, but that is only problem for US. Not for the Finnish massive who are even more massive today!!! To obtain a copy its about £25.00 please go to