Cornell Campbell

Cornell Campbell - Original Blue Recordings - 1970-1979 - Moll Selekta - CD

Cornell as worked on and off for Bunny Lee since the early seventies, at any one time

since that time there as always been an album from Cornell, available - produced of course by Bunny Lee. So far though Cornell as not been given the sort of release that he fully deserves. This set changes that. Its an excellent 20 track set pulling together some but not all of Cornell's best work with Striker Lee. The packing of this set is superb, its a 4 cover fold out digipak set - the sort of thing Blood and Fire would do. Really good to see other labels working to the same standards. Really good sound quality on this as well.

Cornell Campbell with Rhythm & Sound - King In My Empire - Rhythm & Sound 10"

Yet another great tune from the German Based production team of Rhythm & Sound. Like Old Scratch they know that the trick to great reggae production is to allow plenty of space for everything - even noise. Cornell cannot go wrong on a rhythm like this, his voice is as great as ever. The song just drifts in and out of the rhythm with ease. It all sounds very easy but getting reggae to sound this simple isn't that simple!

Cornell Campbell - I Shall Not Removed 1975-1980 - Blood & Fire - CD.

Cornell's work with Bunny Lee from 1975 right into the early eighties was and is outstanding. This compilation concentrates on cultural/reality song from this time - 'The Gorgon Era'. All the tracks are extended with King Tubby mixes and some even include the DJ cut to the tune. Plus of course great sleevenotes and artwork to match. The music at it's very best.

Cornell Campbell - Magic Spell - Studio One

Cornell's made some truly great album in his career, mainly for Bunny Lee. Yet his very long career started with Coxsone Dodd at Studio One. So it makes a lot of sense for Dodd to finally release his Cornell Campbell album. Full of great tunes including 'Queen Of The Minstrels, 'Stars' 'Ten To One'. In fact every tune that as made Cornell famous. At the moment Cornell is very active again, so this sense makes a lot of sense. It would be good to hear a new set of music from him on the Studio One label.

Cornell Campbell - Dance In A Greenwich Farm - Grounation. - 1976.

After many years in the business Cornell Campbell really hit big in the mid-seventies. His clear cool voice, a vocal style much loved in the music gained massive popularity with a string of hit singles all introduced by Bunny Lee. And 'Dance In A Greenwich Farm' was one of them. Most, but not all are included on this set which is a very good mixture of reggae standards, and more topical themes like 'Baldheads' 'Gorgons' 'Babylon' set to stirring Soul Syndicate Band rhythms.

Cornell Campbell - Fight Against Corruption - Vista - 1983.

'Boxing' produced Joe Gibbs was a massive hit for Cornell, and although he's yet to follow it, it's given him enough confidence to go on and forward. Here we find him back with Bunny Lee with whom he must have recorded most of his work. And Cornell's never sounded better, or written better songs. Likewise Bunny's gives him all the rights sounds with a bright mix. A incredible line up of musicians provide a certain quallity giving the feeling that the talent here really worked on this album.

Cornell Campbell - Follow Instructions - Mobiliser - 1983.

This album comes to you from Tapper Zukie. Like all of Tapper's productions from this time it's a Dynamic Recording Studio production. With a line up of musicians that includes Sly And Robbie, Gladdy, Willie Lindo, Bo-Pee etc and on horns you find Dean Fraser, Nambo and David Madden. The sound they get as the punch of Channel One and the precision of Tuff Gong. As far as Cornell's corcerned this set is a good blend of love songs, such as 'You Can't Be Happy' and 'As Long As You Love Me' plus really strong reality songs.