Courtney Melody


Courtney Melody - I Remember - Pickout

Three LP's into his career and Courtney's still sounds good. It can be argued that this type of release schedule - 4 LP's in one year can harmful to an artist - with regards to sales it must have a negative effect. With regards to quality of lyrics/singing, probably none at all. Courtney has a singing style all of his own. Lyrically he's shown good potential in the past and he shows it again here. Production on the album comes from Lloyd Dennis who goes in for some stranlearned the craft of how to make timeless sufferers music.

Courtney Melody - Ninja Me Ninja - World Enterprise

Powerful rhythms are the main feature of 'Ninja Me Ninja' from Courtney Melody - along with Courtney's voice. Right from the start with 'Screechy Across The Border' for Stereo One it was clear that Courtney was going to be a success. Somehow he incorporated the Waterhouse style with a slur and had come up with something new. And its the Waterhouse studio of King Tubby's that as given us this LP on the Taurus label. Only a six track showcase but still a fine debut LP. If you are Raggamuffin this is for you.

Courtney Melody - Bad Boy - Techniques

Winston Riley's production skills have always been admired, but he's also very good at spotting new talent. When Frankie Paul came up - he didn't record his debut album, but he was in there at the time with one of the man's best album. And its the same with Courtney Melody. 'Bad Boy' is not the man's debut, but it's a great work. Solid computer rhythms - built by Steelie & Clevie give Courtney just the right amount of room in the mix to express himself. Songs take in many themes with the title track being the strongest.

Courtney Melody - Man In Love - Tappa

Tappa Zukie's return to the music scene is most welcome. Traditionally he usually works with established artists. In the past, that included The Mighty Diamonds, Cornell Campbell, and more recently Ken Boothe & Frankie Paul, but at the start of his producing career, it was talent like Junior Ross And The Spear and Ras Allah who he brought forward. For now though its Courtney who has benefited from Tappa's attention. And he responds well with fine songs like 'Son Of Man' and 'Let Us Pray'.