Cultural Roots


Cultural Roots - Hell A Go Pop - Greensleeves

When Junjo turned his attention to vocal groups his magic touch worked again - The Wailing Souls went massive if you can forgive the pun. He should have been able to do for the Cultural Roots what he did for The Wailing Souls but it didn't work. Most of Junjo's productions were reggae free lyrically - meaning Junjo was not into the filler tracks. Sadly 'Reggae Music' here is just that. The rest of the album is pretty solid and the addition of a couple of 12" mixes does kinda make up for that track. But artists and producers set there own standards its what makes them great, rather than average.

Cultural Roots - Revolutionary Sounds - Germain

In the early eighties vocal groups continued to draw attention to themselves, but new vocal groups were not making the same impact they did in the seventies, except one - Cultural Roots. On this nine track set produced by Germian - in mainly a steppers format - we find lead vocalist and one of the founders of the group Herman Brooks in great form. Each and every track concentrates on the more cultural/reality side of life, without getting caught up in simple slogans or catchphrases.

Cultural Roots - Drift Away From Evil - Reggae - 1983

The second album for producer Germain. It contains all the group's recent successes. Apart from their hit for Gussie Clark 'Whole Heap A Daughter'. The vocal style of these four vocalists consists of a touch of the Wailing Souls and Black Uhuru. With an original sound mixed in. This fusion produces something different again. Lyrical once again their songs bring your attention to reality. 'Mr Bossman' 'Drift Away From Evil' 'Devil Ites', 'Can't Fight Reality', eight out of ten songs.

Cultural Roots - Running Back To Me - Mango - 1988

Produced by King Jammys 'Running Back To Me' is an LP as good as the two they made for Germain, and those two are classic sets. Jammys rhythms suit the group really well, who this time give us an even selection of love songs and reality songs. Herman Brooks is on vocals on all the tracks, while the songwriting credits - H.Brooks/Cultural Roots maintain the mystery surrounding the rest of the groups identity. All of the ten tracks on the album are well up to standard, with 'Big Finger' being outstanding.