Dave Barker & Ansel Collins


Dave Barker & Ansell Collins - Son Of A Gun - (Rhino (UK) CD).

The big two return with a modern follow-up to their successful "Double barrel" set, originally issued in the UK by Trojan in 1972. Dave Barker once told me that he had not been paid for the original "Double barrel" tune and associated tracks, so this seems in some way is recompense for that. Yes, you can expect more of the same as the original set. But, and it's a big but, most of the rhythms are overdubs to the originals or sparse digital affairs, and lose that hard edge of the original instrumentation for the sake of trying to sound modern.

The set opens with a straight cover of the "Double barrel", now retitled "The magnificent double barrel" followed up by a different DJ cut, and the title of the set, "Son of a gun". Other "treats" include re-cuts on the original Perry rhythm for Neville Grant's do-over of Fats Domino's hit "Sick & tired" (better known as "Return of Django" to most). Dave Barker is relentless, and he quickly follows up the last track with a DJ version of the rhythm, titled "Father of Django" and he screams "This is the aggrovator. The father of the original django rides again" !!

Just when you think it can't get any worse, "Tidal wave" turns out to be a DJ version of the "What am I to do" rhythm (aka "Liquidator"), swiftly moving on to a digital re-cuts of their original "Monkey spanner" and "Shocks of mighty", the latter now called "Mumsy" !!!!!

The mix of vocal sides and DJ sides, the inconsistency of the backing tracks and reving a style that is no longer current, makes this album feel cheap and tacky. I really do love the original "Double barrel" set, but this is an idea that should be left in the cupboard and not released. Sorry Dave.