Dave Katz

Solid Foundation An Oral History Of Reggae - by David Katz - Bloomsbury


Books on reggae music are still rare events, big books on reggae music - and this is a big one are rarer still. Unlike a CD or a Video you just can't sit down and an hour or so later you know if they are any good or not. Books take time to read, and a recent bout of flu made that task very difficult for myself. But with this book now in the bookshops it needs to be spoken about now.

Its got all the big people in reggae music's past, and for people who need and want to know about the reggae stars who never made it onto so called major lables - a lot of them are here as well. The book stops on the brink of digital, which is the ragga era so anyone big from 1985 onwards are missing. And so it seems are some massive stars from previous era's, but that is not a criticism, its impossible to include everyone in the history of reggae music. But this book looks like its done a very good job. A proper review soon come.