David Rodigan

Various Artists - Rodigan's 25th Anniversary - Kiss

A massive selection of hits over two cds handpicked by David Rodigan to celebrate 25 years in the business. It's gone quick Roddy, I tell you that. It was good to hear someone talking about reggae music with a love and passion for it on Radio London. Steve Barnard was a tough act to follow - along with Charlie Gillett it made Radio London the station that you had to listen too. When Roddy went to Capital Radio he just got better - longer shows more interviews - it was the only time I listened to the radio on a regular basis. Some of the tunes here were first played by the man. Bob Andy's 'Honey' being one and Ini Komoze's 'Trouble You A Trouble Me' being another. Probably the saddest omission from this set is Anthony Red Rose's 'Tempo' the special mix made for him by King Tubby's. That tune and the tribute that Roddy gave to King Tubby is one of reggae's finest and most honourable moments.