Delroy Wilson


Delroy Wilson - Dub Plate Style - Pressure Sounds.

Bunny Lee as always been up for trying new things. He new that from time to time the reggae needed a new rhythm. And to the man's credit - he had a hit with every change. Even the digital style - which Bunny was not a fan of by all accounts. This set dates from 1978 reggae was just going to be changed again with by the dancehall style. Bunny didn't have anything to do with that, but you can tell from this album he was thinking about it. Getting Delroy to sing over mixed down dubplate style rhythm - is about as Dancehall as you can get. It didn't really get any notice back then - because singing over old rhythms had not really taken off yet. Coxsone was doing it - but with new singers over old rhythms. This is more like a revoiced remixed style of that. With King Jammys at the controls in fine style of course!!! Its a twenty track CD - the same amount of tracks as the original LP. A great work.