Derrick Morgan

Derrick Morgan – Original Reggae Recordings From 1968 – 70 – Topbeat –Trybute- CD. When people speak about the huge volumes of music released by Gregory, Dennis & Frankie Paul. They should also include this man. In the sixties alone his output could have took him to the moon and back. This album is a fantastic selection from him all self produced in the reggae style of the late sixties. So here you will find ‘Fat Man’ and versions, Seven Letters, Moon Hop, plus about twenty odd more classic reggae tracks.

Derrick Morgan - Forward March - Beverley's

From the early sixties to the mid seventies Derrick Morgan was a very prolific recording artist, even by reggae standards. His biggest hits were initally produced by Leslie Kong, who produced this album. Then Prince Buster. Then Bunny Lee, before Derrick finally turned to self production. This album is very typical of his early work. And includes notable early sixties ska hits like 'Housewife's Choice' (a duet with Patsy), 'Blazing Fire', and 'Forward March'. All delivered in that very stated style.